Music producer from Borovo, Sofia. A focused, consistent defender of good taste in the genre, whichever genre. Loves cinema and automobiles, as well as putting that love into music.


Rapping head from Mladost, Sofia. The type of dude who started long before the start and is now a little uncomfortable with admitting he has beaten the entire game. Occasionally, he stays the evening at home.


Rapping head from Borovo, Sofia. Lives a double life between being a boyscout as mom and dad would‘ve wanted and being a fiend and a vagrant, as the streets would have it. Still tries to keep his balance.

So Called Crew is an idea that persevered in the shape of two underground hip-hop compilations, a rap ensemble that changed courses too many times and ultimately, a platform for independent Bulgarian music. One ingredient has never changed in the mix – beats by Gena and rhymes by Jluch and Grigovor.